Y-Connect is Yamaha’s latest innovation that connects man and machine digitally. This application is a brand exclusive that links your smartphone directly to your Yamaha motorcycle. It is equipped with Communication Control Unit (CCU) that handles data & info exchange within the app. You can now track your fuel consumption and analyze important data, get maintenance recommendations, be notified of any malfunctions, confirm the last record of your parking location, and more so you can have a convenient and enjoyable riding experience

Refind 155CC Blue Core Engine

A liquid-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC, 155cc, single-cylinder, 4-valve fuel-injected engine with CVT, and VVA. The bore x stroke delivers excellent power and torque characteristics. A new cylinder head and a compact combustion chamber achieves a higher compression ratio that boosts combustion efficiency. It also optimizes the coolant pathway to improve reliability.

Variable Valve Actuation (VVA)

This system adjusts the fuel intake at a certain rpm; it allows strong torque at low speeds and power at high speeds. It contributes to linear acceleration characteristics and a pleasing feeling when accelerating.

Traction Control System

This electronic system prevents the rear tire from losing traction when the sensors detect any slip. An advancement that keeps you safe and confident on non-firm surfaces.

Stop & Start System

This system automatically shuts off the engine when the machine is stopped or idling at traffic lights to reduce wasted gasoline which contributes to excellent fuel economy.

Smart Key System

If the rider has the Smart Key on them, the machine detects it and allows starting the motorcycle with the main switch knob without needing to insert the key itself.
*ABS Versions Exclusive*

Dual Channel ABS

For effective stopping performance, the New NMAX is equipped with a 230mm front and rear disc that comes with ABS as a standard for smooth braking in varying conditions.



The new NMAX adopts a 6-bulb LED headlight design. Four lights on the top row are for low beam, the two lights below for high beam. The rear stylish tail light shows off the MAX series DNA with a unique three-dimensional design.


It is equipped with the multifunction full digital speedometer for bigger and easy-to-read LCD instruments that include a bar-type fuel gauge, speedometer. clock and fuel economy data, and also displays Y-Connect notifications when successfully paired.


A convenient lever-style switch on the left handlebar cycles through displayed data.


The power socket is located on the left-hand pocket within easy reach of the rider for charging digital accessories. The right-side storage pocket comes with a waterproof lid and fits a 7–8-inch smartphone or tablet. * There is the possibility of stored items coming out while riding*


These flashing indicator lights equipped for riders to warn other motorists during peculiar situations.


The storage is big enough to fit an XL Full Face Helmet with a 23.3L capacity. The hinge that opens and closes the seat has two springs, so that after unlocking via an easy-to-access button, the seat opens slowly and naturally. It can also stay open by itself, making it simple to put in or take out items. There are also two helmet hangers on the outside part of the trunk liner that add even more convenience.


The tank is conveniently located inside the center tunnel and can be opened via a button press with refueling done without needing to open the seat.


Optimum Combustion

This improvement is made possible with an optimized valve design that enhances the tumble flow effect. This, along with a compact hemispherical combustion chamber results in a higher compression ratio.

Increased cooling efficiency

Heat is easily dissipated because of the DiASil Cylinder which cools 3-times faster than steel. The cooling effect is also assisted by a piston cooler that releases oil into the pistons.

Reduced power loss

Achieved with the use of the roller-rocker-arm; a mechanism that reduces friction resistance. There is also the forged piston that has a smaller reciprocating mass than cast pistons and this minimizes vibration for a smoother engine performance.
The combination of these 3 elements results in More Power for Less Fuel and allows you to Be More with Blue Core.